The Sarcoidosis Group for the first time in Iran was established in Nov 2013. The members of this self founded group compose from people who are qualified as Pulmonologist, Pathologist, Immunologist, Radiologist and Rheumatologist and etc. The main mission of this group is strongly emphasis on research, to seek new opportunities on Sarcoidosis area which lead to best understanding of the disease in order to reach better treatment approach, or stronger ability of characterizing Sarcoidosis categories and we do committed to gather all Sarcoidosis project, findings and experiences from all around Iran. Our goal is to help patients who are chalenging with Sarcoidosis in order to cure or control of the progress of it and we do promise to provide disease information, newest treatment ,diagnostic guidelines and news in Sarcoidosis . Now we are expanding our effort to settle a virtual clinic in near future due to help diagnosed sarcoidosis patient solving their issues and raising their knowledge and even following them up with their lab tests and images for sake of their comfort and having an observation over them. We are looking forward to be informed and to be shared with other expert's experience in this area to make benefits and advantages for suffered Sarcoidosis patients together. We welcom any assistance in this regards.



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