About Us

The Sarcoidosis Research Group for the first time in Iran was established in Nov 2013.

The members of this self- funded group are people consists of Pulmonologist, Pathologist, Immunologist, Radiologist and Rheumatologist and etc.

The main mission of this group is to strongly emphasize on research, gather all the sarcoidosis data and experiments in Iran, seek new opportunities on Sarcoidosis area which leads to better understanding of the disease and treatment approaches and improve the ability of characterizing sarcoidosis categories. 

Our goal is to help patients who are chalenging with Sarcoidosis and cure or control of  it  and  provide disease information, newest treatment ,diagnostic guidelines and news on Sarcoidosis .

At the moment, we are working to start a virtual clinic to help patients with their issues, raise their knowledge, follow-up with their lab results and monitor their condition. 

The Sarcoidosis Group is managed by dr. arda kiani and dr. atefeh abedini. We are looking forward to be informed and be part of other expert’s experiments in this area to help Sarcoidosis patients.

We welcom any  assistance in this regards.



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